What is the difference of two kinds of blank film?

Blank water transfer film has two types, one is with back paper, the other is without back paper
The former use on inject printer,we often use is Epson series.The film suit for making sample or small quantity product water transfer printing.  On processing, it has one more spray Activator A compare with without back paper film, Without back paper film  is used on rotogravure press, suit for big quantity printing. Compare with blank film with back paper, it need to make pattern first, and pattern fee is not low. We have thousands of film can be choose.
Below is the specific hydro dipping processing of  blank paper with back paper.
1.Printing the selected picture on blank film (choose image printing)
2.Four sides fixed with sticker, then fixed it on object
3.Spray activator A, its function is fixed the printing picture on film
4.Spray primer on need to dipping product
5.2-3 min later, tear off the film, lay it on water, printing side upside
6.Spay activator B when film extend flat (notice: water temperature should keep about 30 degree)
7.When film liquid in water, dip the product into water in a certain angle
8.Take out the product from water, rinse out the excess film on surface

10.Spray top coating

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